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Elements Of Brand Identity Design

Brand identity is something that represents your brand, in short, it is the face of your brand that consists of messages, colors, packaging, typography and logos etc. that emphasizes on the existence and shows the purpose of your brand. Brand identity is both, inward and outward facing which means that it allows to attracts new customers and make the already existing ones at home. The question that often arises is that how does one create a brand identity design Melbourne which is why we have focused here some of the elements of it to help you serve the purpose.

  1. Clear Purpose of Brand and its Positioning

The first and the utmost important element of brand identity design is to determine the purpose of existence and to set a positioning for it. The purpose of the brand is the main reason why your product exists, whereas, positioning is why and from whom your product is designed. Once these are defined, this will lead you to create a logo, decide on what colors should be incorporated and what should the content be.

  1. Market Research

Market research is a very important tool and is an ongoing process which should be conducted at every phase of your business. One of the best ways to conduct a research is to talk to customers, detailed discussions, interviews, online surveys and focus groups. These tools are important to get firsthand information that allows to design strategies accordingly.

  1. Logo

The question often arises as to what came first; brand or the logo? It’s often difficult to say because both of them are constantly upgraded and adjusted. However, practically speaking, brand should come first and then the logo which compliments the brand. Your logo is directly connected with the graphic design studio Melbourne and must contain an emotional appeal with your brand so customers may be connected to it accordingly.

  1. Color palate

Logo and color design goes hand in hand. Color palette plays a vital role in attracting the customers which is why a lot of color psychology is to be used and incorporated in order to attract the customers emotionally. Brands and businesses should have only a few primary colors on their logos and use some secondary colors alongside to make it look more exciting.

  1. Typography

It may come off weird to you about how fonts play a vital role in marketing and brand identity design. Fonts are powerful which is why it is important to put in a font that works well with the logo and brand and the content. Some of the tips you should consider are;

  • Not to use fancy fonts
  • Don’t mix more than two fonts at a time
  • Choose the right size of the font
  • Don’t use all bold letters to focus on the text