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High Self-Esteem Through Sports

Being a teenager or a young adult is hard time for anyone. It is a time where there is so much change and confusion taking place. Hormones, school, peer pressure, everything just hits you at once as life has a tendency of doing. Nothing is ever eased into but you are just dropped in it. At this point in life, a person’s self-esteem is very fragile and at a point where it will be affected for the rest of their lives. To have confidence in your abilities is an important part of life but at this crucial point in life, it must be cultivated so as times goes on, self-esteem will grow as well.

There have been proven benefits of playing sports that is known fact. But sports have also been proven to help boost self-esteem. Imagine this, a crowd is cheering for your team and you look up and see your name on the LED scoreboard in Australia. That gives such a confidence boost that you feel you can tackle anything. It gives you a sense of inclusion and belonging. In a period in your life where everyone is looking for a place to fit in, being a part of a team has proven to boost your self-esteem exponentially. 

By playing a sport, it instils a confidence in a person. As a teenager, to have a confidence in yourself to say I can win this, I can do this, is an important thing. In a world where our own unique traits are being replaced with stereotypical façades, it is important to be able to know that you have the ability to do something and that you can do it is vital for a high self-esteem and to look up and see your win on the LED scoreboard will only boost it up further.

Today teenagers are shown images of perfect faces and skinny bodies of celebrities and in a time where they are very conscious of their body, their self-esteem can take a hit. By playing a sport, it promote healthy lifestyles and a healthy body image rather than those which are portrayed in the media. Teenagers need to be told that not looking like Selena Gomez and instead looking like Ronda Russey is okay, actually it is better. Not having to maintain a body type that is difficult for all people to achieve, will help with raising your teenager’s self-esteem. Self-esteem is not something that can be given to a person, it is something that can be achieved and realised by themselves and for a teenager, having a high self-esteem, will change the course of their life.