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How To Have Better Wi-Fi At Home

Having a wireless network is convenient for all family members. It enables you to connect the internet to multiples sources such as phones, computers, tablets, etc. at the same time. But you would have experienced some situations where your Wi-Fi was slow, stuck or even hijacked by your neighbor. Since we all know how much Wi-Fi is precious to us, it is important to protect it and use it wisely. Listed below are some tips that will help. 

Control Panel and Router Placement
It might seem too much, but knowing an extra bit of information will not hurt. Learn the control panel so that you will not need to contact a professional and pay him/her unwantedly. The Wi-Fi manual is not rocket science. You just need to know where the security settings are, how to change frequencies and set channels. Also place the router in a central location where all your computers are. This will ensure that the Wi-Fi signal is transmitted to and received by all devices equally.

Check the Interference
If you live in area that has multiple Wi-Fi connections, your router will have a hard time finding the right signal. There are several tools that you can use to alleviate this problem. These tools will block any weak signal from your router. It is great if your router has automatic channel switching available. Many who use Australia Wi-Fi have this advantage. This allows their router to use one continuous network connection without changing from one to another.

Turn Off Unneeded Bands
This will result in enhanced performance by your router. Many across the world use this trick to get faster internet. For example, in Australia Wi-Fi users let the router focus on one band and this experience higher efficiency. Letting your router focus on a single signal makes it easier for the device to operate. Thus, by preventing you Wi-Fi from using and transmitting unnecessary bands, you will be able to increase your router’s output.

Turn On Encryption
This is essential and compulsory. You must turn on your router’s security by giving access to only to users with the password. This will prevent ‘others’ from using your Wi-Fi without your consent to download a lot of unwanted materials. Turning on security does degrade the router’s performance to a certain extent, but the consequences that will happen if someone gets access to your network is much worse.

Thus, make sure that you follow this simple steps to ensure that no one steals or Wi-Fi and to increase its performance level.